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Picture Perfect Ponds Story

Hello, my name is Jeff Paquette.

I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce myself and tell you about our company. I have always had a fascination with nature, and water in particular. My fondest memories growing up are of hiking and camping trips with my family. My love for the outdoors led me to the University of Massachusetts, where I earned a degree in Park Administration. Upon graduation, I co-founded what would become a highly regarded landscape maintenance company.

Our Passion Is PONDS!

The origins of Picture Perfect Ponds began in 1998, when a client expressed an interest in a “fish pond”. After much research, and upon completing a pond construction course, we built our first (and still favorite) ecosystem pond later that summer.

Since then, Picture Perfect Ponds has designed and created nearly 300 water features, including low-maintenance ecosystem ponds, “pondless” waterfalls, and decorative fountains. In fact, nearly all of my effort is devoted to this aspect of the business. Business, however, is the wrong word….simply put, I love building ponds. More accurately, I love having the opportunity to change people’s lifestyles by creating backyard paradises that include “ponds of their dreams”! The best part of my job is seeing our client’s expressions when we turn on the waterfall for the first time and note the joy and amazement on their faces; the excitement they express when discovering some new detail regarding their water feature. I have watched the most stressed and pressured people become totally relaxed as they tell of watching their fish glide across the pond, or express how awesome it is when their underwater night lighting comes on at dark!

Hence, the passion. For in reality, we are giving people a most valuable commodity in this hectic world…time. Time to think about what truly matters in life…. and especially, time to spend with those who are most important to them….spouse, loved ones, family, and friends.

We can give you that time by building you the pond of your dreams. Remember, dreaming it is the first step. The next step is to contact me and reserve your pond design consultation.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Watch “Pond Squad Star” ED Beaulieu Explain Why To Hire a CAC Like Us!

We are proud to be a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor and offer Pond Installation, Repair and Maintenance services. Certified Aquascape Contractors are the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry. All CACs are required to attend continual training and education seminars, and maintain a proven record of outstanding work and dedicated customer service and support.

Customer Testimonials

See what our customers have to say about our one-of-a-kind Pond & Waterfall installations and more importantly our dedication to customer satisfaction.

"The pond and waterfall have taken on an appearance as if they have always been there and is great for our dog and grandson to explore and chase the fish and frogs.

I would recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking to bring an added dimension to your outdoor entertaining and dining. The workmanship and professionalism is outstanding and they really care about you as a customer and treat you like a friend."

Mike and Ann Marie Buell
Westfield, MA

"We enjoy the beauty and wildlife our pond has created. There is a dedicated area now which includes the pond system and all of the gardens created or to be created surrounding the ponds. Listening to the waterfalls and hearing the frogs is very relaxing!

Jeff Paquette’s Picture Perfect Ponds have brought more nature to our front yard than a mere garden environment would. No doubt the gardens surrounding the ponds have added to create an entire eco-system which gives us much pleasure and joy-- and many smiles along the way!"

Mark and Cindy Demerski
Monson, MA

When asked how their ponds and waterfalls had changed their lifestyle, Steve and Tracy had this to say:

"We spend so much more time outdoors. It’s so great to relax at the end of the day by the ponds. It’s added so much to our landscape-- friends comment all the time how beautiful the yard is-- we never have reason to leave.
We loved our first pond so much that we had to add another one to the backyard-- now we have one right by the deck to enjoy and one in the back that you can see from every room in the house! Can’t tell you enough how happy we are with both!"

Steven and Tracy Zicolella
Longmeadow, MA

"The pond has made me slow down to enjoy the beauty of our yard, pond and fish. When I walk into my yard from a long day at work, the stress melts away when I see the pond and hear the waterfalls. I am surrounded by tranquility, and feel a sense of peace. Our yard was beautiful to look at before we had the pond installed, but now it engages more of our senses, with the sound of the falls, the feel of the water. It brings MOVEMENT to the landscape. Adding fish to our pond has increased our enjoyment even more, just watching them glide though the water instantly lowers our blood pressure.

Being nature lovers and having a large slope in our backyard inspired our dream to have waterfalls and a pond installed in our yard. I was concerned about the maintenance involved, but my husband wanted the largest pond possible. He won, and I’m so glad that he did! There is less maintenance than I expected, and because we love our pond so much, it really isn’t ‘work’ at all! Jeff and his crew did an amazing job, and we couldn’t be happier. Our backyard is now our paradise."

Tom and Julie Midura
Ludlow, MA

"Our pond is a pleasant addition to the landscape of our back yard. It is very calming to sit by the pond, watch the fish and listen to the waterfalls. We are very pleased with our pond design, waterfalls and the landscaping of our pond built by Picture Perfect Ponds. Jeff is very easy to work with and we appreciate your prompt response and service whenever we have any questions or problems. Your staff does a great job with our annual spring clean out."

Denis and MaryAnn Poirier
Granby, MA

"We love our pond and waterfall and are very happy with Jeff and his crew at Picture Perfect Ponds. Who else would run out on a Sunday morning to calm a frantic customer who was afraid that all her fish were eaten by a heron???"

Dave and Karen Mernoff
Longmeadow, MA

"Thank you for a full service. Not just before the job but long after the money has changed hands. Your company doesn’t forget about the customer forever. That in itself is a plus for you and your company. That really says it all."

Bill and Beth Wallace
Springfield, MA

"I am writing you on behalf of my extended family to tell you what a very special part of our ‘new home’ environment the water pond installation has become. We greatly appreciate the time, energy and devotion you have given, not only for our father, but your continued interest in preserving his memory through this beautiful memorial. We’re so pleased to be able to help nurture his baby fish in such a peaceful setting, and feel very connected to his spirit sitting next to the pond watching the nature that he loved.

We look forward to many more years working with you."

The Stahl and Epstein Families
Longmeadow, MA

Certified Aquascape Pond Contractor / Builder / Installer & Maintenance Pro's Serving Hampden, Western Massachusetts (MA) / Northern (CT) Hartford County