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Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmer Maintenance & Installation

Serving Hampden County, Western Massachusetts (MA), Northern Connecticut (CT)

The low-maintenance pond skimmer is designed to sweep the surface of the water, so it is free from debris, and collected in an easy-to-remove access point. The debris basket inside the skimmer is the first filter stage of the skimmer. The basket will collect leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris, that falls or blows into the pond. In the Hartford County, Connecticut (CT) & Hampden County, Western Mass (MA) areas it only takes a few minutes, every other week, to empty the debris basket. More frequent changes will be required during the fall, because of the number of leaves falling off the surrounding trees.

General Use & Maintenance

Aquascape Skimmer

It is a good habit during your first season with a new pond to periodically check the quantity of debris in the basket. This is especially true in the fall, here in Hampden County, Mass & Hartford County, CT areas. Keep a mental note as to how often your basket has to be emptied. The debris basket mustn’t be allowed to become too full, as too much debris can reduce the water flow to the pump. General maintenance should be done weekly, and routine eyeball maintenance will let you know if it needs to be emptied. If your waterfalls slow down, then odds are your debris basket is full.

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